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Here it is again

Well the big day is tomorrow. The reunion of the Old Hickory Tri. I assume Scott is still coming in for it, and we have a new fraternity brother (well alumni) that is going to join us. I saw where Josh Blaisdell was signed up for it, and I think he will do really well. Josh is very competitive, and I just hope he doesn’t show me up in his first event. I’m going down there today at 3:30 to crash at his place, and we’ll be at check in at 5:30 today to get our stuff and let him see the course and then we are going to go eat. Randy if you are town then, then holla at us so we can all eat together. I’m not staying tomorrow night, because I want to come back to Murray and celebrate and crash in my bed since I don’t get to sleep in it much during the fall due to travel.

Well I’m not nervous yet, and really just excited to see if I’m any better than I was last year. This week consisted of a 6 mile run on Mon, 12 mile run on Tues (getting ready for my marathon in Dec), a 21 mile bike on Wed. and a 1 mile swim yesterday. All of them seemed really comfortable and not too bad, so I hope I’m ready. I know I averaged 19.6 mph on the bike which is really good for me when I’m out doing it alone, so I’m hoping for a 20 or more average tomorrow so I can come in 36 minutes on the bike. I’m also going to try and sprint the last 1.5 miles of the run so it can be around a 8-9 minute 1.5 mile to help get my times down.

Oh one last thing, I’m running another 1/2 marathon on September 17th in St. Charles, MO because Dean Karanzee is using this marathon as one of his Endurance 50 runs where he is running 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. So I’m doing this just so I have a chance to see/meet him. I’m scheduled for a 16 mile training run that day anyhow, so the race venue is always good practice then I can do another 3 miles later in the day.

Back in the Saddle Training Schedule Triathlons

Triathlon Training Begins Again.

Well, folks….it’s pretty obvious we have a really bad habit of taking time off around here. My life got really, really hectic there for a while, but has calmed down now. As a result, tonight marked my first night back in the gym since September.


Tonight also marks some new directions for the sites I’m working on… you can expect some stuff to change around here a little. I’m going to try to help turn this site into a resource for all things triathlon, so be sure to bookmark or subscribe now so you don’t miss anything.

Triathlon Glossary Triathlon Training

Triathlon Glossary (0-A)

In an effort to help educate on the tri-newbies out there, I gathered up some terms that I’d like to share in glossary form. Here they are, through the letter A.

Half Ironman distance (1.2mi/1.9km swim, 56mi/90km bike, 13.1mi/21.1km run)

Ironman distance (2.4mi/3.8km swim, 112mi/180km bike, 26.2mi/42.2km run)

1/2 IM
Half Ironman (1.2mi/1.9km swim, 56mi/90km bike, 13.1mi/21.1km run)

1/2 mary
Half marathon, 13.1 miles

6.2 miles

2 a day
Two workouts per day

Diet calorie percentages–Carbs/proteins/fats

3.1 miles

Aero Bars
Handlebars which face forward (sometimes shifters are placed here) with places to put your elbows. These bars allow triathletes to maintain a very comfortable aerodynamic position

Aerobic Exercise
Any type of exercise, typically that performed at moderate levels of intensity for extended periods of time, that maintains an increased heart rate. Running a long distance at a moderate pace is an aerobic exercise, but sprinting is anaerobic.

Age Group(er)

Average Heart Rate

Anaerobic Exercise
The initial phase of exercise, or any short burst of intense exertion, where the glycogen or sugar is consumed without oxygen-a far less efficient process. Examples of anaerobic exercise include weight lifting, sprinting, and jumping.

Anaerobic Threshold
The exercise intensity at which lactate (lactic acid) begins to be produced faster than it can be removed (metabolized), and it starts to accumulate in the blood stream

A swimming stage followed by a biking stage with no run.

Adventure racing

See Anaerobic Threshold

Annual Training Plan

Triathlon News

Triathlon Gold for Team Italy

The Italy triathlon team of Daniela Chmet, Beatrice Lanza and Nadia Cortassa has just won the women’s ITU Team Triathlon World Championships in a time of 1:05:11. Italy was able to open a large enough gap over second place United States and third place Spain over the first two legs enabling Italian anchor Cortassa to bring home the gold medal for her country. Italy’s time managed to best the United States by 52 seconds and Spain by a further minute and 11 seconds.

“It is very important for Italy, “stated Italy’s second Lanza on the world championship win. “The short course is a very exciting race. We are a very close team so it is very good for our friendship.”

Italy was never far off the lead for the entire “super-sprint” relay style race. The championships consisted of three legs, with each athlete completing a 250 metre swim, 6.6 kilometre bike and 1,600 metre run in succession before handing off to their teammate.

Daniela Chmet led the charge for Italy crashing through the opening 250 metre swim and heading onto the 2-lap, flat and fast bike course with America’s Sarah Groff and World Junior Champion Kirsten Sweetland of Canada hot on her heels. However, it was the Canadian Sweetland that built an early lead out on the one mile run course before handing off to her teammate Lauren Groves to start the second leg of the race.

World Ranked number five Groves quickly put more time between herself and her two competitors during her leg but her effort was in vain as an absence of a third teammate meant that Canada would have to withdrawal from the race.

It was during this second leg that Italy’s Lanza made the decisive move, pulling away from American Mary Beth Ellis, setting up her Italian teammate Cortassa to cruise home to victory and the lion’s share of the US$50,000 prize purse.

“I have to thank Daniela and Beatrice because they made the race very easy for me,” said Italian anchor Cortassa. “They worked very hard before me and I just have to not get caught.”

Michelle Lindsay anchored the American team and managed to hang onto second place for the United States to claim the silver medal.

“It was tons of fun, “exclaimed American anchor Michelle Lindsay. “Hopefully this is the first of many times this team gets to race together.”

Despite a slow start, Spain was able to come together during the later stages of the race to take third spot.


Marathon Training Milestones

Hardest thing I have done Yet!

Well I made it. I have been training all fall for my first full marathon and the training paid off. I did the St. Jude Marathon on Saturday in Memphis. The start temperature was around 30 degrees, but I soon warmed up. I had set a goal of 3:40 which would have been a 8:23 mile pace. I was really nervous as to if I could hit this, but I actually exceeded my goal. I came in 39 out of 110 in my age group and 245 out of like 1700 full marathoners with a time of 3:34:27 (like 8:09 miles). It was definitely my hardest task yet, and 3 days later I’m still sore. I am already planning another full for the spring and a 1/2 IM during the summer. The last 4 miles were hell!