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Seeking Compensation after an Accident

Unfortunately, there are many truck accidents that happen yearly. Sometimes these are due to bad driving or that loads are not secured properly to the trucks. If you are ever involved in an accident, the pain, absence from work as well as hospital bills can drain your finances. You need a competent personal accident injury attorney who can pursue a settlement or file a lawsuit against the offending party on your behalf.

Accident Injury Attorney

Why you need an attorney

Even if your hospital bills are being covered by insurance, you are losing income all the time that you spend in hospital. If you have creditors, you could be late on payments. Your hired accident injury attorney Henderson law firms have can communicate with your creditors so that they do not penalize you for any delayed payments until you recover.

Similarly, the accident injury attorney will study any settlements and documents that you are asked to sign. Sometimes the perpetrator of the accident will try to give you a deal that is not fair for the severity of your injuries.

Another important role your lawyer will play is handling the paperwork. If you are involved in a truck accident, the truck company, hospital, and courts can bombard you with a lot of red tapes, but your hired commercial truck accident lawyer Henderson law firms have will handle it.

What about the bills?

If you want a good accident injury attorney, you don’t have to get deeper into debt. You can talk to your lawyer about a payment arrangement that is friendly to you. Ask for your case to be handled on a Contingency Fee. If your hired commercial truck accident lawyer Las Vegas has currently agreed to handle your case on a contingency basis, it means that your legal costs will be recovered from the settlement.

What is the process?

Your lawyer will always try to get a settlement for you as soon as possible. If the party responsible for the accident is willing to agree with the terms, the compensation can be finalized in very few days. Sadly most perpetrators of accidents will not agree easily with the terms.

Your attorney can negotiate a fair settlement and if it does not work, the matter can be referred to court. This is where the amount of the settlement will be decided by a jury. Fortunately, your personal injury lawyer can argue your case well in front of a jury to ensure justice.

What you need to do

1. From the time you are injured to the time a settlement comes through, you need to be in communication with your attorney. If you happen to change your address, always inform the lawyer.

2. While you are in hospital, keep records of all bills that you incur even if your insurance is meeting them

3. Report any attempt by the other party to settle without involving your lawyer; it always points to sinister motives.

Act fast

Every single day you are injured without legal representation, the trucking company is finding ways of shifting the blame to you, reducing compensation or shielding itself from liability. Your lawyer will be playing catch up if you contract them much later. You need to allow your lawyer to start the process speedily by hiring one soon after the accident. Well, the lawyers’ team from Hale Injury Law can skillfully handle your claim today.