Training Schedule

Here it is again

Well the big day is tomorrow. The reunion of the Old Hickory Tri. I assume Scott is still coming in for it, and we have a new fraternity brother (well alumni) that is going to join us. I saw where Josh Blaisdell was signed up for it, and I think he will do really well. Josh is very competitive, and I just hope he doesn’t show me up in his first event. I’m going down there today at 3:30 to crash at his place, and we’ll be at check in at 5:30 today to get our stuff and let him see the course and then we are going to go eat. Randy if you are town then, then holla at us so we can all eat together. I’m not staying tomorrow night, because I want to come back to Murray and celebrate and crash in my bed since I don’t get to sleep in it much during the fall due to travel.

Well I’m not nervous yet, and really just excited to see if I’m any better than I was last year. This week consisted of a 6 mile run on Mon, 12 mile run on Tues (getting ready for my marathon in Dec), a 21 mile bike on Wed. and a 1 mile swim yesterday. All of them seemed really comfortable and not too bad, so I hope I’m ready. I know I averaged 19.6 mph on the bike which is really good for me when I’m out doing it alone, so I’m hoping for a 20 or more average tomorrow so I can come in 36 minutes on the bike. I’m also going to try and sprint the last 1.5 miles of the run so it can be around a 8-9 minute 1.5 mile to help get my times down.

Oh one last thing, I’m running another 1/2 marathon on September 17th in St. Charles, MO because Dean Karanzee is using this marathon as one of his Endurance 50 runs where he is running 50 marathons in 50 days in 50 states. So I’m doing this just so I have a chance to see/meet him. I’m scheduled for a 16 mile training run that day anyhow, so the race venue is always good practice then I can do another 3 miles later in the day.