Let Construction Lawyers Do the Fighting for Your Personal Injury

If you or someone that you know had been fatally harmed or injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you need to claim compensation. It is your legal right. A personal injury or a plaintiff lawyer can help you do this.

Personal Injury

In a broader scope, personal injury isn’t just confined to bodily harm. The law also protects you against emotional or psychological injury due to the negligence or wrongful act of another person, company, government agency or another entity. The law regarding this involves your right to legal remedies and defenses in civil lawsuits. It also may entail resolutions through informal settlement negotiations.

You don’t have to figure out on your own what to do when it comes to getting claims involving vehicular accidents, construction accidents, industrial accidents, work accidents, medical malpractice, defective drugs, products and medical malpractice.

Construction Lawyer in a personal injury from a scaffold accident

According to Occupations Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 9,000 construction deaths occur every year. Construction workers who were seriously injured or family members of the one who was killed need to speak with an experienced construction lawyer.  This is because unlike other cases, a personal injury case starts when a private individual (plaintiff) files a civil complaint against a defendant. A construction lawyer would help you with either pursuing a legal claim, navigating your state’s workers’ compensation system, recovering compensation from insurance companies and manufacturers of the equipment involved; if such is the case.

Because construction lawyers are focused on construction law, they are more suited to handle claims for:

* Ongoing living expenses

* Loss of wages

* Property damage

* Medical expenses

* Counseling costs

Here are the some of the reasons why, even careful workers, suffer personal injuries on construction sites:

* Falling materials like rocks or bricks

* Scaffolding falls

* Explosions

* Electric shocks

* Chemical spills

* Crane accidents

* Burns

The alarming 10% of the 9,000 deaths in construction sites belong to scaffolding accidents. As with many construction accidents, scaffolding accidents often result in serious injury or even death. Personal injury from a scaffold accident is caused by either:

* Lack of safety measures like safety nets, guardrails, safety lines and the like

* Equipment failure or improper use of safety gear

* Forklifts, cranes, or construction trucks

* Plank slippage and support failures

* Design defect or manufacturing flaws

* Unsafe working conditions

* Falling debris or equipment

* Ladder accidents

Contact a lawyer

Find out if you have a personal injury case. Call 212-490-5700. The website http://lawyer1.com/personal-injury-lawyer/ can also help you with getting unparalleled legal information on:

* Broader scope of a personal injury

* Important elements of a case

* Making a complaint / taking legal action

* Claiming compensation (There are different types in a personal injury lawsuit.)

* Best options

A law firm like Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C., has a proven track record of success in fighting for victims seriously injured. In the past 12 years, they already recovered $250 million in settlement for their clients. More information brand name: Hecht Kleeger & Damashek, P.C

Get a construction lawyer whose philosophy is to maximize your recovery.

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Five Types of Medical Malpractice You Should Know

To begin with, it is important to know that not all medical situations that leave you unhappy can warrant a medical malpractice. It is the duty and effort of legal institutions such as Cummings Manookian and other professionals to verify if a medical situation truly amounts to malpractice.

For any claim regarding medical negligence, it is advisable to move forward with an attorney. For example, in Nashville, you can approach the local-based Cummings Manookian law firm. This will help determine if a case is viable for action. Besides, engaging a malpractice attorney can help find other experts to help navigate and prove the case. Here are common forms of medical malpractice cases.


When a medical officer misses or delays a diagnosis on a patient, the practice can result in injuries or even death. In that case, the practice amounts to medical malpractice. A missed diagnosis means wrong drugs for the patient and that can cause physical or emotional harm.

A medical malpractice lawyer, together with other experts, is able to determine what the doctor did wrong compared to what a reasonably skillful medical officer would do in the same situation. Medical malpractice attorneys can work together with car accident attorneys Honolulu has to offer.

Childbirth injuries

If a fetus suffers injury inside the womb or during the birth process because of a medic’s negligence, it can amount to medical malpractice. Common injuries in this category include cerebral palsy or seizures. Others include partial or full paralysis and fractured bones.

While some of these conditions may be because of natural causes, if a medical staff is involved in any of the causes then it amounts to medical malpractice. Legal institutions such as Cummings Manookian have the responsibility to verify the truth behind such occurrences.

Medication errors

These happen in many ways in addition to being very common. The practice often involves a medical officer giving a wrong prescription or poor administration of treatment. In some cases, a negligent doctor gives a wrong drug to a wrong patient, resulting in improper dosage and poor drug-body interaction. When that happens, the patient suffers bodily harm or even death. Like a car accident attorney Honolulu has to offer, a medical malpractice attorney verifies the facts surrounding a medical malpractice so the victim can get compensation.

Anesthesia errors

These are rare and happen only in medical facilities where a patient has to undergo treatment under anesthesia. However, a malpractice involving anesthesia can cause serious injury to the patient involved. Common damages include brain injury or even death.

Surgery errors

When a surgeon becomes negligent and makes an error in the theater room, the patient is at the receiving end. Common examples include damaging an organ, performing an operation on the wrong part, or using wrong equipment on the body. In the same way, a nursing officer may administer poor postoperative medication, which can lead to infection of the patient.

Medical malpractice falls under the category of personal injury. For example, Honolulu auto accident attorneys deal with personal injuries caused by automobiles. A medical malpractice attorney, on the other hand, deals with personal injuries caused by negligence in a medical facility.

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