Volunteer to become a better triathlete

Many athletes and coaches who are big into triathlons are missing a small, but essential piece of the puzzle: volunteering. There truly are some unique benefits to volunteering in the triathlon community and you are going to learn about some of them in this article!

Volunteer at a Triathlon Race

Most Races cannot happen without volunteers, and there are lots of advantages to becoming one of them. Most triathlon races locally will have a website or Facebook page that you can join. On a race’s website, there will usually be a “Volunteer Info” section. Race volunteers consist of people who cheer on athletes, hand out water and nutrition, assist with installing and removing props, handing out medals, and a variety of other tasks. If you are an athlete, here are some ways you can benefit from volunteering at a race: Competitive athletes will get to see a bird’s-eye view of the race and witness new aspects to triathlon which can help to form strategies for your next race. For instance, you might be able to watch what it’s like fighting for first place!

New-comers to triathlons can benefit from volunteering because it helps them get exposure to the atmosphere of race day. You will get to watch mass swim starts and transitions to see what to expect from your first couple of races. No matter which level of triathlete you are, volunteering at a race is an easy way to become a more all-around triathlete and to show that you really are invested in the sport. Even the pros do it from time to time, believe it or not.

Volunteer Outside of Triathlon Races

One great example is locating a nearby YMCA. The “Y” and other health related organizations usually have volunteering opportunities for events like youth 5k races, or sometimes they need swim teachers to help give lessons. This can look great to potential sponsors because companies prefer people active in the community. This can also lead to a potential free membership or discount if you volunteer often enough in those types of organizations. Other Resources on Getting Sponsored

Article written by: Trenton Kennedy you can find him on twitter.