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Joining the Triathlon Community

Getting Started

Entering into the triathlon community is the first step toward becoming a real triathlete. The following is an overview of some top triathlon websites that play a big role in getting a sponsorship:

USA Triathlon

The US National governing body for the sport of triathlon. If you plan on racing in the U.S., then you will need to create a membership with them (membership is usually required for races). I recommend registering for an annual account if you are shooting for a sponsorship and will be actively racing this season. By default, when you create an account you are given a ranking within your age group nation- wide. This rank can be improved through earning competitive race results. Participating in USA Triathlon’s Athlete Ranking System is beneficial for sponsorships because it shows companies how devoted and competitive you are within the sport.

The Active Network

The Active Network is another great site to join because it provides a search tool for local events. It also has very useful blog posts written by some big names in the sport. One of its greatest features, however, is that if you join you will earn discounts when registering for most races.

How to Find a Triathlon Club

Following are some recommended websites for finding a local triathlon club near you:

Most local triathlon clubs have an online website or Facebook page that will provide information about upcoming training sessions and events. Another easy resource is to visit your local bike shop and running shop, which usually have information about local events and groups. is a great example of an active Tri Club website. Some clubs have sponsors for the group so this is a quick avenue towards getting your own sponsorship. I recommend testing out several different clubs if possible. Also, companies will usually ask if you are involved with a Tri Club when you are seeking a sponsorship.